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"A Diamond InTheRough"

Takishia Davis, founder and CEO of Cathartic Artz Entertainment llc was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. Since childhood, she has always had an interest in arts, crafts, film and music. Inspired by hiphop, she began writing songs as a hobby at an early age. Her love for music sparked her curiosity of learning other aspects of entertainment. She would often share her works with her mom, whom as a child was very talented when it came to playing drums. It was those little talks that she would have with her mother that would inspire and build up her confidence to pursue a career within the industry. 


In year 2001, Takishia suffered the loss of her beloved mother to an illness and fell into a deep depression.The love of her life was gone, and all she felt she had left besides her siblings; were the talents she was blessed with. At some point, during the grieving process she learned how to cope with that pain by taking her anger and frustrations out on a piece of paper by using her pen as the weapon of choice. She began utilizing her passion for art and music as a therapeutic way of dealing with the pain. Eventually, Takishia and a close family member decided to start a rap group named "N.G.N" and began creating mixtapes and performing in different cities. These experiences are what drove her to eventually pursue something more on a professional scale. She wanted to create something to inspire or help others to find a productive way of expressing their individual pains through various arts and entertainment. 


 In November of 2019 she graduated Full Sail University with a Bachelor’s degree in Audio Production. She has many years under her belt in various areas of arts and entertainment. These areas include hosting networking events to end senseless deaths and gang violence, performing songs live on stage, prior experience as an internet radio personality, songwriting, artist development, recording, video production & editing, sound design, mixing & mastering, as well as A&R work for Felicia “Snoop” Pearson’s record label “Gorgeous Gangsta.” She believes that there is beauty in pain, and plans to help refine others who have been deemed as talented "diamonds in the rough."